I draw, I write, I travel

Ladies and Gentlemen, the store is open

She: a huge backpack on her back, giant hiking shoes at her feet, she hid her strange look behind sunglasses with filter « waking dream ». Suddenly, her eyes crossed those of the God of travel, and nothing was ever the same {…}. The legend tells that months later, she immortalized this crush with watercolour and colored pencils. To discover HERE. You: tired of the autumn / winter colors that never smile, you surf desperately on the net, looking for a touch of sun that illuminate your interior (less flashing than the Christmas tree). Suddenly, your eyes crossed those of a drawing from elsewhere, and nothing was ever the same {…}. The legend tells that a few hours later (it works also with « a few minutes later »), you adopted this drawing with a few clicks ;).

I let you sort between fantasy and reality. All that to say that the shop is open! It still smells fresh paint (and it already smells Christmas). In any case, know that each drawing has its mini story of 1 or 2 lines at the end of the description. Who knows, we may meet there 😉

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